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Columbine survivors mark twentieth anniversary of massacre

Two teenagers shot 12 students and a teacher in one of America's worst school shootings.

SpaceX capsule suffers 'anomaly' during tests in Florida

There are plans to launch a manned mission to the International Space Station later this year.

US arrests 'member of border militia' in New Mexico

The arrest comes days after a video emerged of armed men detaining migrants in the desert.

Lotte Championship: Brooke Henderson defends title to tie Canadian record

Brooke Henderson equals the record for most wins on the LPGA or PGA Tours by a Canadian golfer after she retains her title at the Lotte Championship.

Agent Orange: US to clean up toxic Vietnam War air base

The operation, unveiled more than four decades after the end of the Vietnam War, will cost $183m.

Ku Klux Klan killing: Wife admits murder of Missouri leader

Malissa Ancona is sentenced to life in jail for shooting her husband, Frank, in Missouri.

Nxivm: Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman pleads guilty in 'sex cult' case

Clare Bronfman, heiress to the Seagram alcohol fortune, was "truly remorseful" for her role in Nxivm.

Turpin trial: Couple jailed for life for 'inhuman' child abuse

A California couple are sentenced for abusing all but one of their 13 children for several years.

Mueller report: Subpoena issued for unredacted version

Democrat Jerry Nadler says the redacted version "leaves most of Congress in the dark".

Two teen girls arrested for 'plotting nine murders' in Florida

Two 14-year-olds held in Florida allegedly planned to burn and bury their victims' bodies.

N Korea embassy raid in Madrid: 'US Marine arrested'

Christopher Ahn is the first person to be arrested over the incident, reports say.

Hacking 'hero' Marcus Hutchins pleads guilty to US malware charges

Marcus Hutchins said he regrets his actions and accepts "full responsibility for my mistakes".

'Watergate with computers': Reaction from both sides on Mueller report

Some voters see the report as a victory for President Trump while others say it is proof of wrongdoing.

'How the Columbine school shooting changed my life'

Twenty years on from the school shooting that shocked the US, those who survived are still deeply impacted.

'I'm either too black or not black enough': One teenager's experience

This is what it means to be black: one African-American teenager's experience, in her own words.

Viewpoint: Beyonce’s Homecoming celebrates black culture and education

The singer's new documentary nods to Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison and others, writes Barrett Pitner.

Mueller report: Eight things we only just learned

The inquiry paints a picture of the president's conduct that provides ammunition for either side of the political divide.

Five numbers that explain US border crisis

As the US moves to expand indefinite detention for asylum seekers, here's what you need to know.

New York City congestion charge - what it can learn from London

The largest city in the US will charge drivers coming into Manhattan, 18 years after London did the same.

There's a reason this court is run by women

Sex workers who come before this all-female court in New York City are being treated differently.

The mental rigours of being US president

Some of Trump's predecessors were manic depressives, bipolar and even psychopathic, say experts.

John DeLorean: The legacy of a controversial car designer

A film about the designer of a pop culture sports car casts a new light on the ever-popular DeLorean.

Trudeau takes 'sharp turn' away from 'refugees welcome'

Recent changes to refugee laws mean Canada may no longer roll out the welcome mat for refugees.

Tintoretto: A 'colossal' painter arrives in America after 500 years

One of the great Renaissance masters has finally made his debut in America, 500 years after his death.

Cultural appropriation: Why is food such a sensitive subject?

A Chinese restaurant in New York, run by a white couple, has been accused of cultural appropriation.

Birmingham, Alabama: A city using theatres to reinvent itself

Renovations breathe new life into Birmingham, while keeping its civil rights history alive.

Army veteran treks across US to fight PTSD

An army veteran is walking from Washington to Florida to raise awareness about suicide among veterans.

Trumplomacy: Where are things at with the Mideast peace plan?

What does the newly-elected right wing government mean for Trump's peace plan?

Nipsey Hussle: Thousands remember rapper in Los Angeles

Family, friends, fans and community members said goodbye to Nipsey Hussle in Los Angeles with a memorial procession through the city.

Viewpoint : How likely is an Assange conviction in US?

The case has a parallel from American colonial times, writes university law professor Jonathan Turley.

Does Trump still love Wikileaks... or what?

The US president says Wikileaks is "not his thing". We look in the archives to see if it ever was.

The US students who want to pay slavery descendants

Georgetown University students are voting on adding a fee to their tuition to fund reparations for descendants of the 272 slaves by the institution.

Netflix warns price rises to hit subscriber growth

The streaming service expects new subscriber growth to slow between April and June.

Apple and Qualcomm settle billion-dollar lawsuit

The surprise settlement brings a long-running legal battle between the two tech firms to an end.

Is Uber really worth $100bn?

The ride-sharing firm is yet to make a profit, but it may attract a sky-high valuation when it floats.

'People think we're hillbillies - we're not'

What do Americans think of people in other states? We asked people in West Virginia what's said about them.

Bill Clinton: 'Columbine has a special place in my heart'

Former US president Bill Clinton speaks by video link at a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre.

'Sometimes I still have nightmares'

A California couple's children forgive their parents for years or torture and starvation.

The Mueller report - in 60 seconds

Don't have time to read 448 pages? We challenged the BBC's Jane O'Brien to summarise it for you.

Mueller report: Why wasn't there obstruction of justice?

The redacted report gives clues to that legal question and also why the president was not interviewed in person.

Trump on Mueller: 'This should never happen to a president again'

President Trump reacts to the Mueller report on the day of its long-awaited release.

Mueller report: US Attorney General William Barr on findings

William Barr says 10 episodes involving Trump were scrutinised for possible obstruction of justice.

Mueller report has 'disturbing evidence of obstruction' - Nadler

Democrat Jerry Nadler is calling for Congress to get the full unredacted version of the Mueller report.

Sol Pais: Denver school threat suspect found dead

A tactical team located 18-year-old Sol Pais with a self-inflicted gun shot wound.

Marine crawls to finish Boston Marathon for fallen comrades

Micah Herndon's legs gave way around 22 miles into the race. But that didn't stop him from finishing.


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