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LittleBigPlanet Turns 10! Let's Party!

We've asked around Media Molecule HQ recently and can confirm that, yep, no one can believe it's been TEN YEARS since LittleBigPlanet launched!

This very first Media Molecule game built the foundations of our studio, kickstarted our journey in creative gaming and introduced us to so many of you lovely community members. We've heard from so many of you over the past few days about what LBP has meant to you and we're so honored that you've shared that with us. Thank you for all the kind words and for being part of the LBP adventure over the past 10 years!

So, a birthday demands a party, right? That's just what we have planned. We'll be live on Twitch Friday 2nd November at 5PM GMT for our LittleBigPlanet 10th Anniversary Stream! We'll (obviously) be having cake, talking to some of the Molecules who were here at the start of LBP and seeing what Designer Christophe Villedieu has created in Dreams as an homage to Sackboy's very first adventure...

Lbp Anniversary

As we continue to work on Dreams, our friends at Sumo Digital have been keeping the LBP adventures going and supporting the community. They've got birthday plans throughout the month of November to celebrate the big 1-0, so keep an eye on their Twitterand Facebook pages to see what they get up to!

Of course, you don't celebrate ten years without having a look back at what happened at the start of it all, so we've collected a few gems to share - like the very first introduction of LittleBigPlanet to the world at GDC 2007. Check out Mark and Alex show LBP for the first time and get all misty eyed, just like we are now:

LittleBigPlanet Announced at GDC 2007

And, we can go either further back and revisit the very FIRST iteration of LittleBigPlanet with the Mr Yellow Head demo below:

Making LittleBigPlanet: Mr Yellow Head Demo, 2005

We'd love for you to celebrate your LBP memories with us, too! If you've got a memory or story to share, or perhaps an image of your very first creation, send them to us on Twitter or in the comments below! We'll read out some of our favourites during the livestream.

We hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane and plan to join us on the 2nd of November.

We celebrated Sackboy's big day with cake, champagne and Christophe's brilliant recreation of The Gardens! You can catch up with the video below.

Watch Happy Birthday, LittleBigPlanet!| #DreamsPS4 from Media_Molecule on

Mm's Spooktacular Halloween Livestream

It's the spookiest time of the year and we're so excited!

As we mentioned during our last stream, our next one is of the spooky kind - our Halloween festivities will be taking the form of a Dreams stream on Friday 26th October at 5PM BST.

During our spoOOooOky stream, we'll be carving pumpkins, creating terrifying scenes and other such horrific activities all in Dreams. We'll have a ton of Molecules taking part, and perhaps be asking you all, the CoMmunity, to judge whose jack-o-lantern is the best!

Stream Halloween

Oh, and we've asked Molecules to be in Halloween fancy dress...

We're dressing up Mm HQ, too, so expect to see our beloved M's all covered in bones, ghosts and cobwebs. Don't forget to set your reminders on Facebook, Twitch and PlayStation Events! We'll see you on the stream!

Missed out on the ghoultastic fun? You can watch the stream in full below!

Watch Media Molecule's Halloween Spooktacular | #DreamsPS4 from Media_Molecule on

A Plastic Free Household Pt. 2!

Last month, Kath shared the first part of her blog detailing how to create a plastic free household with some really easy and accessible steps. You can read that here, and read on for the second part!


The Mm Kitchen is looked after and cared for by Kath and Eoin!


Kitchen towel Previously a big offender for us, mainly out of habit! Now, you can buy fancy colourful terry towelling cloths with poppers that click together and roll onto a stand, but that for us fitted into ZW spending spree. We opted for cutting up clothing that was past wearing (PJs, t-shirts etc) into handy size squares with pinking shears (scissors which make zigzag edges) and stacking them in the front of a kitchen draw. Dirty ones go in a net bag under the sink and get washed when the bag is full. If you are aiming for top marks make sure there are no plastic based fabrics in the stack I doubt we managed this but one step at a time.

Clingfilm / plastic bags We just stopped buying them. We save paper bags from our veg deliveries and reuse them for sandwiches. Anything we traditionally covered with clingfilm now gets a plate or upturned bowl popped over it e.g. in the microwave, in the fridge. I have every intention of making some wax wraps, with all the bits already sat on the side at home, I just need to find that spare half an hour... There are lots of clips online showing you how to do this.

Dish cloths / sponges Washable cotton, natural bristle brush with a replaceable head, crotchet scrubber made from coir / jute / hemp.

Breadmaker / bag We were very kindly given a breadmaker by a molecule that was moving overseas, so when the house is full we do pop that on overnight. It seems to work best for a fluffy white loaf which will start to go stale after 24 hours. No problem when the kids are here, it lasts about an hour! Lots of people make a loaf and freeze half. We do like a stonebaked, seeded, fancy loaf though and so we try to buy these loose and store them in a cotton drawstring bag. sells both cotton and linen versions.

Food Shopping

Its a minefield! Things we have done that have helped:

  • Carry the bag! We have brilliant bags from a company called Onya which have lasted for years. They were originally made from parachute silk so super strong but looks like they have moved to recycled plastic bottles. They pack up into a really tiny pouch with a clip and come in an array of bright colours. Stocked in the UK by Disclaimer I know they originate from Oz but they have lasted so much longer than any other brand we have tried.
  • Veg box. A couple of well-known options in the UK, Riverford and Able&Cole, but we opted for a lovely local greengrocer who is extremely flexible. UK supermarkets Morrisons, Lidl and Asda have all started doing wonky or past best veg boxes.
  • Butcher. Again we chose to go local, taking our own containers when we remember. Happily they no longer use plastic carrier or produce bags, instead heat sealed paper. It is more expensive but we combat this by not eating meat every night and by stretching the meat across meals for example a roast chicken might go on to become egg fried rice the next night and then the carcass turns into soup with some added veggies. We know cooking from scratch every night is not always possible but we try to do it when we can and when we have the energy.
  • Fishmonger. A rarer beast in our area but worth searching out a good one if you can. Our nearest one is happy to take an order by text the day before to save us getting out of bed at the crack of dawn to beat the queues. They are totally on board with reducing plastic take your own box and cool-bag.

We are working on crisps, biscuits, snacks, butter, yogurt, cheese, meats… you get the picture. Sometimes we just dont buy them, sometimes we give in. The purists would tell you to bake, make your own nut milk, make yogurt, build a meat smoker... lovely ideas but we have to be realistic, some of this will have to wait until retirement! Our current goal is at least to have a homemade cake in the tin at home.

Our next step will be to find a source of bulk dry goods in paper.


If plastic is used at Mm HQ, there's plenty of recycling points throughout the studio!


Liquid hand soap switch to bar soap on an old school soap rack. We are currently working through a big box of Dr. Bronner Castile (lavender or tea-tree oil both smell lovely) which I bought on discount. Note it does contain palm oil though so I will be double checking the sustainability of this or looking at alternatives next time around. If you dont want to buy a soap rack then push a metal bottle top into one side of the soap and sit the soap on the top voila, elevated soap that doesnt go soggy. Different colour metal tops will help you remember which bar is body / hair / conditioner as they can look very similar early in the morning!

Shower gel much as I loved my Original Source peppermint shower gel this is an easy switch to bar soap again. So many options out there depending on your skin type but we are happily using the same type of bar as we do for handwashing. In the shower ours hangs in a Hydrophil sisal soap pouch which lets the bar dry after use, helps create a lather, exfoliates while you use it and lets you easily use all the tiny scraps of soap from the end of the bar. Check out the brand, they are good eggs! I bought ours from UK company Other soap companies to check out:


Toothbrush still not 100% plastic free because of the bristles but lots of bamboo options to choose from out there. Do your research, some last longer than others. Also the jury is still out on the overall sustainability of bamboo. Personally I am still using my electric one because it gets my teeth clean and its still going.

Toothpaste a controversial area you need to decide if you want fluoride or not. Some plastic free, low chemical options are:

  • Denttabs With or without fluoride
  • Truthpaste This is where I am heading next
  • Georganics Its black and contains activated charcoal which some claim should not be used for more than short bursts of time. I am determined to get to the end of the lovely, expensive, glass jar but to be honest its pushing its luck.
  • Lush toothy tabs
  • Euthymol Old school, bright pink, in an aluminium tube which can be split, cleaned and recycled. Be warned its feisty and will definitely wake you up. Disclaimer does contain sodium laurel sulphate (SLS) which some people try to avoid. Included here more for the metal tube which is hard to find nowadays.


  • Lush Mouthwash tabs chew with some water and off they fizz. Odd sensation until you get used to it. This really is just a mouth freshener, cant say it has any antibacterial claims. Comes in a small plastic bottle which you can take back to Lush for reuse.
  • Weleda Small glass bottle of concentrate that you dilute. Think old school botanicals.

Cotton buds paper stems (Simply Gentle brand comes in a cardboard box, Sainsbury's sell a paper stem but it comes in a plastic outer still) or Hydrophil do a bamboo one.

Deodorant (this is not antiperspirant!) - Antiperspirant works by using aluminium compounds to effectively block the pores, which could be considered as not very good for you. The most effective deodorants that we found are based on sodium bicarbonate which you may find you are sensitive to, especially ones with a high % content.

  • The Natural Deodorant Company - Might seem expensive but lasts for long enough to justify it in our opinion. The active version has a very high content of bicarb and we found we couldnt use it for an extended period of time. The gentle one might be better if you find you react to bicarb. Comes in a glass jar, but does have a plastic lid.
  • Earth Conscious Deodorant - Comes in a handy metal tin. Very gentle.
  • Organic Essence - Comes in a cardboard tube. Very gentle.
  • Salt of the Earth Salt rock deo. We were massively sceptical of these and so they were the last thing we tried after not getting on with high strength bicarb……but it seems to work. The rock is a natural mineral potassium alum which is thought to keep the bacteria at bay and therefore the smells away. I believe the particles are too large to be absorbed and sit on rather than in the skin. Research paper reading on the agenda.

Hair cleaning

A tricky one! Those with short hair might find this switch easier than those of us with longer, finer hair. The one thing that is clear is that you will not pick up a shampoo bar, wash your hair on day 1 and come out of the shower with flowing locks! There is most definitely a transition period of getting away from SLS oil stripping shampoos to something natural, and it seems you might hate your hair and have to wear a hat in between. Things we have tried:

  • Baking soda Will undoubtedly give you squeaky clean hair, will also give you brittle hair. I dont recommend it as a regular option.
  • Shampoo bars Lather up in your hands or a natural sisal soap bag, wash with the lather do not put the bar directly on your head or you will end up with waxy hair. Wash thoroughly. Rinse with an apple cider vinegar (ACV) solution dilute 15% in water, pour over head, let sit for 2 mins, rinse.
  • Rhassoul clay Really love the cleaning results but does make your hair massively static! The ACV rinse helps, as does not using a plastic comb. I have read and am about to try hydrating the clay with aloe vera juice instead of water. This is supposed to bring the pH down and help to prevent the static.

Next up rye flour wash!

Shaving another easy switch from gel or foam for us. Funky Soap do a brilliant bar which contains bentonite clay for glide. The bar lasted for 6 months compared with a tube of shaving gel every month. We also like Airmid shaving soap in a tin from Ireland.

DIY moisturiser a blend of shea butter, cocoa butter and apricot oil is reported to do the trick. We will let you know how we get on!

Mm Kitchen1

I sit back and re-read what I have written and Im sure you will all think we are mad, thats its all too much effort, too much hard work, wont make any difference, but to quote Sir David Attenborough;

It is one world. And its in our care. For the first time in the history of humanity, for the first time in 500 million years, one species has the future in the palm of its hands. I just hope he realizes that this is the case

Do the things you are able to. Change the things we can.

If you have any questions, or want further advice on a topic as important as this, feel free to leave a comment below, or contact us on social media.

Made By The Molecules 2 Livestream!

You are cordially invited to our next livestream, CoMmunity!

Yep, after a couple of weeks of our EGX streams, we're ready to get comfy once again on the Mm sofa with a brand new stream! Our first stream of the month will be taking place Thursday 11th October at 5PM BST!

We'll once again be sitting down with a group of Molecules on the Mm sofa to get an inside look at their personal creations from within Dreams! If you missed our last stream, we went through Dreams creations such as Given Time, Ferovium as well as a bunch of characters created by Emei!

Made By The Molcules2

This time, we'll be looking at games such as Dr Rendezvous from Tom Dallaway, as well as creations from Ed Hargrave, Kevin Watt and other Molecules! They'll be playing through their games and then giving you an inside look at some of the goings-on behind the scenes to show you what's possible in Dreams!

Talking of what's possible in Dreams, did you hear that our Game Informer cover for their November issue was created ENTIRELY in Dreams? We'll be kicking things off next Thursday with Jon Eckersley with a look at how the most beautiful cover you ever did see came together!

So, remember to set those Twitch, Facebook and PlayStation Event reminders so that you don't miss out on our next stream! We'll see you next week!

Missed our dive in to some brand new Dreams creations? We've popped the stream below for you to catch up on whenever you're ready!

Watch Made By The Molecules 2 | #DreamsPS4 from Media_Molecule on

A Plastic-Free Household Pt. 1!

Last month we took a look at what we are doing to reduce our waste in the kitchen here at Mm, particularly single use plastic and food waste. Our guys in the kitchen, Kath and Eoin, decided to go one step further and see how far they could get at home with the Plastic Free July initiative. Heres how they got on……

While we are nowhere near being plastic free, we have made a lot of progress and have done a lot of research into the options along the way. If you are inspired to look at your waste and try to make some changes, no matter how small, we thought wed share our journey so far as a possible starting point. This blog is simply what we found; its in no way exhaustive or scientific, there will be other options that might suit you better.

Why are we doing this?
  • We want our kids to have a (clean) world to live in.
Some vague principles we used……
  • Ideally get rid of the packaging completely. Do not just switch from plastic to something else it all takes energy and resources whether PET (polyethylene terephthalate) or paper.
  • Lets get rid of the nasty chemicals while we are at it In our food, our cleaning products, our toiletries.
  • Bear in mind the products total carbon footprint - Where it originates from, how it was processed, transport costs not always an obvious equation when comparing X to Y.
  • Try not to be green-washed Are we actually making a better choice, not just being sold an ideal?
  • Do not go on a zero waste (ZW) spending spree Only buy when really needed, do not throw away serviceable items just because they dont fit with the ideals.
  • Am I only buying this as a habit? This one will surprise you when you ask yourself it every time you reach to pop something in the basket.
  • Change the things you can Its a bit overwhelming if you try to do it all in one go, just pick one thing and go from there. We are still working it out.
Mm Kitchen

A few Molecules in their natural habitat, the Mm Kitchen!

Cleaning products

If you want traditional products look at a UK company called Splosh, they send you small pouches of concentrate in a dissolvable wrapper through the post. You do get a plastic bottle in the first batch but after that you just dissolve a pouch in warm water in the bottle to make a refill. A couple of products (washing up liquid / laundry detergent) come in a returnable pouch which you send 4 of back in the same thin box they come in, postage already paid. For us it was a good first step and we still use the washing up liquid.

If you want to go further buy in bulk citric acid, bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar
  • Smaller boxes to trial from under the Dri-Pak label. I believe that Wilko is also a good bet if you want to go on foot. When you are ready to go bulk the best prices I have found are:
  • Citric acid for a 25kg paper bag Yes you do need to store it but soon my under sink cupboard will only have 3 products in it compared with the c. 30+ that were there a few months ago.
  • White vinegar for 5ltr Ok, its still in plastic but one big bottle, havent found a way to ditch the plastic here, let me know if you do!
But guys, what do I use these for?
  • Toilet cleaner A scoop of citric acid down the loo when you leave the house, quick scrub with the brush when you get back shiny as new without a single drop of bleach from a plastic bottle.
  • Toilet bombs If you want a more traditional block to drop in the loo try 1 cup bicarb, cup citric, 1 tbsp washing up liquid allow to set in ice cube tray. Apparently works a treat and can be stored in a jar in the bathroom.
  • Surface cleaner Vinegar - We saved an empty spray bottle and are currently using ours neat, although you can dilute it, add a few drops of essential oils if you prefer a smell, or infuse it with citrus peel. The vinegar smell doesnt bother us and disappears quickly so we took the lazy route of using it neat in both the bathroom and kitchen.
Washing powder

Plenty of options are discussed online

  • Soap nuts controversial from a sourcing point of view
  • Eco-egg cant really find any reviews that say it works well
  • Soda crystals + essential oils can leave greasy marks on your clothes

We have currently opted for non-bio powder in big cardboard boxes and a significant reduction in the quantity of powder used in each load. Ours is a busy house and the current box is still going strong into month 3.

If you fancy it, a DIY recipe thats on my list to try, use 2 tablespoons per load:

1 bar grated natural soap

250g soda crystals

250g borax substitute

  • Fabric conditioner ditched, we just dont use it anymore and I can honestly say nobody has noticed, and our home town is a very hard water area.
  • Stain remover highly rated mineral bleach just ordered some so watch this space. Available in the UK from website

Head back this way next month to check out Part 2 of Kath's super-useful tips on creating a plastic-free home for you and yours!

Made By The Molecules Livestream

Happy Friday, CoMmunity! 

We know what you're thinking: ''But, it was only JUST PAX? How is there another stream happening already, Media Molecule?!'' Well, not only are we already announcing our next stream, but it's coming sooner than usual - we'll be live on Twitch next Wednesday, 12th September at 5PM BST. 

The Made By The Molecules stream will feature 5 Molecules who have created some awesome stuff in Dreams! Emei, Tom (Dallaway, one of our many Toms), Liam, Christophe and Steve will be going through their work and explaining what makes them tick, including some CoMmunity favourites such as Hammer Time, Moon Raiders and Given Time!

Made By Molecules

Everyone's super excited to share their creations with the CoMmunity, so this'll be a stream you don't want to miss out on! To make sure that doesn't happen, set the usual reminders on Facebook Events, Twitch Events and by registering on PlayStation Events. You'll be reminded just before we go live, which is always super useful!

Of course, if you want to keep yourself up to date on Dreams streams over the weekend, our PAX Game Jam is now available to watch on our YouTube! We'll see you on the stream, next Wednesday!

Missed the stream? No need to worry, you can watch it in FULL below! 

Watch Made By The Molecules | #DreamsPS4 from Media_Molecule on

Plastic, plastic, everywhere But not on our watch Sir Attenborough!

Here in the Mm kitchen we are on a mission to eliminate any single use plastics from setting foot into our world. Its a pretty big list to tackle but one step at a time, right? When we set our mind to something we are pretty determined folk, so here we go! 

Recycle, Refuse, Reduce, Re-use, Repair, Re-gift, Recover

The "Seven R's" - Copyright Shtiggy / GAIA Foundation

How are we reducing our environmental impact?

We have moved away from just thinking about how and what we recycle, focusing instead on Refuse and Rethink. Once we made the shift in mindset it was surprising how naturally our buying habits quickly adjusted. Here are some examples of our easy wins to give you some inspiration….

  • Cold drinks in plastic bottles - Switch to either metal or glass. Or make your own e.g. ginger beer, kombucha, kefir, fruit waters.
  • Bottled mineral water - Supply water filter fountains with refillable bottles / cups. At home you can do this with a filter jug or a charcoal filter system. Check out new brand Can O Water for a reseal-able can of sparkling water. 
  • Plastic freezer bags - Invest in a set of freezer-proof storage containers. Even if you choose plastic you will get many years use out of them rather than a single use of hard-to-recycle thin film.
  • Plastic food bags from fruit and vegetable supplier - We work hard to have good relationships with our suppliers and after a quick chat they easily made the switch to paper bags for 90% of items. For similar problems in the supermarket - bring your own cloth bags or go without as we do.
  • Take away containers - We encourage Molecules to take any lunch leftovers home for their tea rather than waste the food. Happily, we have found a plant based compostable PLA soup pot from the lovely folks at We use them in the freezer to pot up homemade ready-meals for anyone burning the midnight oil. Now that the sun is trying to come out we are also busy turning them into smoothie packs for the blender, with frozen cubes of yogurt, fruit puree, oats, seeds and a dash of omega oil.
  • Drinking straws - If you really want them paper, bamboo, stainless steel, even hollow stems of wheat work. Check out  
  • Clingfilm:
    • Use a plate to cover a bowl.
    • Compostable, sustainable greeseproof sheets from Vegware.

    • Homemade wax wraps - Google how, it's easy! 

  • Foil - Ovenproof containers with lids work just as well for most jobs. My Gran will be looking on and laughing at me for ever thinking otherwise!
  • Plastic trays, vac-packs, plastic bags from the butcher - We have just purchased three large robust airtight containers that can rotate on deliveries to and from our lovely local butcher. A big win as this one was generating lots of packaging, most of which was only being used for the ten minute drive between sites. There are only so many seed trays a girl can use!
    Ive noticed that they have recently changed to heat sealed wax paper wraps and paper bags in their shop as well! 
  • Dry ingredients flours, rice, beans, nuts, fruits - We now always buy in bulk, preferably in paper bags, and have switched to soaking and cooking our own dried beans. This saves lots of cans from going to recycling plus the extra fuel from transporting the heavier wet weight around the place. Even when you add back in the energy to cook them its still a win just need to remember to start a day in advance with the soak!


Mm Kitchen

The Media Molecule kitchen. It's busy, sometimes hot and always smells great. However it's NEVER this wonky.

What's next for the Mm Kitchen?

  • Milk cartons 4 pint plastic - Next on the big hitters list but currently in research as we get through a LOT of milk in a LOT of cuppas. Glass or purgal bulk packaging. 
  • Bottled sparkling water - Currently doing the maths on bottled vs Soda Stream
  • Snacks packaging crisps, chocolate etc - A controversial area...


Managing food waste

A short word about food waste and how we manage it in a busy studio:

  • Portion control. The Molecules think we are chewing the cud over morning coffee, really we are quietly finding out about their lunch plans!
  • Freezer pot ready meals
  • Take away pots for supper
  • Donations to the local homeless shelter
  • And finally, anything that does find its way into the bin is converted by a specialist waste company into energy

Were proud to play our part in helping out the environment and hope we can inspire others to do the same. You can read more about our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment on our Energy & Environment page.

Jamal's Week at Media Molecule!

This week we welcomed Jamal, better known to our community as @glitchfish, to Mm for a week of work experience. He kindly wrote about his time at Mm for us! 

As my week draws to a close, I felt it would be best to write down my experiences in a meaningful and passionate way. Media Molecule have meant the world to me from a young age and being able to sit here and write this now almost feels like a dream. Everyone here is so nice and I got to experience life in the industry and honestly all I can really say bluntly is that I love it.

Jamal Dreams1

Everyone at Mm is so polite and kind and I genuinely felt like one of the family. I was personally quite shy and anxious at first, afraid of embarrassing myself in front of personal heroes, but they slowly coaxed me out of my shell and helped me when I needed it.

Dreams, honestly, is an absolute marvel, whilst I personally didnt create anything spectacular during my week (Mm note: We're pretty impressed with Jamal's creations, pictured above and below!), I was able to talk with the pros, brainstorm ideas and talk about changes between LBP and Dreams (which are quite a bit!). Once you understand whats going on its like eating a waffle with ice-cream, quick, easy and intuitive, and you can always find an alternative route as Dreams is so vast! Theres at least 20 answers to one problem that I experienced with my weird experimental level of size-shifting characters. 

Jamal Dreams2

Dreams speaks for itself. Almost everything has been thought about and designed and I cannot wait to see what the community and myself make when it releases, It definitely will turn heads on its arrival and I can even see it rivaling studio software and becoming an alternative for game development. Yes, its that amazing.

I wish I could go into more detail about the game but why would I spoil the magic for others? Thats just selfish.

Sculpting With Kareem Livestream

Happy Friday, CoMmunity!

Our next stream is only a week away! For those of you who missed our announcement at the end of last month's stream, our next stream will be taking place on Friday 17th August at 5PM BST on our Twitch channel!

What are we doing this time? Well, everyone's favorite Maestro of Move Controllers, Kareem, will be returning to the Mm sofa to demonstrate the sculpting tools in Dreams! It has been quite a long time since we showed off the sculpt tool and the man who brought you #treesecrets. And of course, if this is your first Kareem Dreams Stream, you are in for quite a treat. What will he make? Honestly, we don't know, we just enjoy being along for the ride. 

Kareem Sculpting

Make sure to set a reminder and if reminders aren't your thing, we've got you covered on Facebook Events, Twitch Events AND PlayStation Events! To find us on PlayStation Events, simply head to Events on your dashboard and we'll be in the 'All' section!

Before we go and get ready for Friday: we announced our attendance at PAX West 2018 this week! We'll be heading to Seattle and hosting our first ever Dreams Panel Jam live at the show. You can find more details here. Our panel will be streamed live so you'll be able to tune in and join in on the fun even if you're not attending PAX.

That's all for now, we'll see you on the stream this Friday! 

Missed Kareem's sculpting session? Never fear, as you can watch the stream in full below! 

Watch Sculpting With Kareem | #DreamsPS4 from Media_Molecule on

Gothic Novel Game Jam Stream!

Hey there, CoMmunity! How's your week been? It's pretty warm, isn't it?

We may have only just done our last stream (which you can watch right here) but we're ready to announce our next stream already! How are we going to follow up the making of our E3 performance? Weeeellll...

We're going to be gathering up another bunch of Molecules to take part in a live game jam! This month, our local Guildford Library is running a Gothic Novel Jam and encouraging the local community to get involved with creating whatever they want using the theme - be it a story, music or, yep, a game! And, you know us, we love ourselves a good ol' game jam from time to time.

Video Thumbnail Gothic

SO! Focused on the theme of Gothic Novel our July stream will demonstrate how fun it can be to make some dark and menacing creations together in Dreams!

We want to get you involved to! Send us your Gothic Novel ideas in to us on Twitter using the hashtag #GothNovJam and tagging us @mediamolecule! You can also submit your ideas in the comments section below. We can't guarantee we'll get round to creating everything you submit, but you'll definitely be a source of inspiration for the Molecules!

Join us on Thursday 26th July at 5PM BST to see what spooky bits and bobs we create in our Gothic Novel Game Jam stream! Make sure to register for the event on Facebook and Twitch so that you don't miss out!

Sad you missed the stream? Hopefully we can help! The full video is now available to watch just below this sentence!

Watch Gothic Novel Game Jam | #DreamsPS4 from Media_Molecule on

Charlie's Week at Media Molecule!

Charlie and Will came by to spend a week with the team for some Work Experience! They spent time with various Molecules and of course, as well as Dreams!  Charlie wrote the below blog about his time here - enjoy! 

Somehow its Friday already and the end of an awesome week with Media Molecule! Ill be sad to say goodbye to everyone here (especially the chefs!) but having the opportunity to be a part of Dreams has been an incredible experience. Its a wonderfully unique project and quite unlike anything Ive seen before, and learning about its inner workings has been an adventure all of its own.

The whole team here feels like one big extended family, and perhaps my favourite thing about this week has been just meeting and talking to so many new and interesting people. From John -who could probably build a scale Lego model of the office for fun in an afternoon - to Dave - who works in animation but is secretly a rock star - every person Ive talked to has welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home. 

Charlie Will

Our honorary Molecules, Charlie and Will!

Ive only been here for five days, but Ive done so much in that short time that arriving on Monday feels like a lifetime ago. Ive mixed my own music tracks, designed and sculpted 3D models, and even been let in on some sneaky company secrets (shhhhh). Pretty much the only thing I havent done is broken anything, which is the biggest miracle of them all!

Anyways, its been a stellar week and a super cool inside look into the games industry. The weather has been incredible, which made lunches out on the rooftop balcony all the more enjoyable, and Ive absolutely loved being a part of the action here at Media Molecule- plus, as of right now Im probably the best in the world at Dreams outside of the development team, so thats a nice claim to fame- until the game comes out, of course. I dont expect my title to last long after that.

I wish Dreams the very best of luck when it finally releases (though I dont expect it needs it) and I would also like to extend a huge thanks to everyone at Media Molecule for making my week with you all as awesome as possible. You guys are the best!

See ya round,


The Making of the Molecules Livestream

Happy Friday, CoMmunity!

Have you heard of the UK's fastest rising band, The Molecules? No? Well, they performed their first ever LIVE gig this month, right after PlayStation's E3 press briefing. Word has started to spread about this debut performance, so we thought you might all want to see how the band came together...or what we even mean by playing a show live in Dreams!

Yep, we're here to reveal that our next Dreams stream, The Making of The Molecules, gives you a front row seat to the performance and a big peek behind the curtains! The show takes place on Friday 29th June at 5PM BST.


If you missed out on the AMAZING E3 performance, you can now view it in its entirety below! Warning: Contains funky grooves, moves and tunes. 

Dreams LIVE at E3 2018 | #DreamsPS4 Live Performance [4K]

We'll gather together The Molecules on the Mm sofa to take you through how they put on their live show, composed the music, created some awesome puppets and more.

Make sure to not miss out on our next stream by signing up for reminders on Twitch and Facebook Events! We'll see you on stream! 

Want to know how our live performance came together, but missed our Livestream? That's okay! We've embedded the full video below for you!

Watch The Making of the Molecules Livestream | #DreamsPS4 from Media_Molecule on

E3 2018 - What? Where? When?

Hello, CoMmunity and HAPPY E3!

While we can't go in to details of what we'll to be up to this week, we can give you the best places to stay up-to-date on all the goings on for Media Molecule and PlayStation.

First and foremost - the official PlayStation stream! The main channel will play host to not only the PlayStation showcase taking place 2AM BST on Tuesday 12th June, but lots more PlayStation demos and interviews throughout the week. Stay tuned to our social media channels and we'll let you know when to expect Molecules making a cameo.

Dreams Triptych

Speaking of which - our channels! That's where you'll be able to get behind-the-scenes on our E3 adventures. We'll keep you refreshed with pictures, stories and any friends we bump in to throughout our adventure. Make sure you're following us on Twitter, as well as dropping us a Like on Facebook and Instagram. And of course, Twitch where we'll host the various streams our Molecules do guest appearances on.

We're super excited to be attending E3 this year, giving press their first hands-on with Dreams and meeting any community who happen to be at the show! Have a lovely E3 week and stay tuned for more info

Listen Up! It's Time for a Music Stream!

Hey there, CoMmunity! Hope you're all having a lovely week!

By now, you've read that blog title and let out a little 'WAHOO!' (it's okay, I always do after writing these blog posts) at the fact that STREAM TIME IS COMING! Yep, we're almost ready to go with our Music in Dreams stream. Exciting!

We'll be gathering up our Audio Molecules (Tom Colvin, Ed Hargrave and Bogdan Vera) to take you through how music is created in Dreams on Friday, 18th May at 5PM BST. They'll be showing you how they create catchy tunes and a range of instruments in Dreams as well as how music ties into logic and timelines. And Bogdan said something about...beat-boxing? Guess you'll have to tune in to see what he means.

Music In Dreams

As always, if you have any questions, drop them in the comments below or send them over to us on Twitter or Facebook. We'll try to answer as many as possible during the stream, both on camera and in the chat.

So you don't miss out, make sure you register your interest on Twitch, Facebook and even PlayStation Events. We'll see you Friday, May 18th for our musical extravaganza! 

Hey there, friends! Our stream has been and gone, but it's not lost forever - You can now watch the full video below!

Watch Music in #DreamsPS4 from Media_Molecule on

The Making of Comic Sands Livestream & Introducing Mm Monthly!

Happy Friday, CoMmunity!

How are we already half way through the month? It's about time we shared details on this month's stream, right?

Before we reveal all, make sure to catch up on our GDC stream from last month. You can find it over on YouTube and Twitch

We're super excited for April's Dreams livestream - If you've seen Comic Sands, the game Abbie, Ed, John and Alex created for TrainJam, you may have thought How did they do that?! In 3 days! On a train! This month's livestream will reveal the design behind the level as well give a peek at the content we created at Day of the Devs during GDC. The ever-fabulous John Beech will be your guide for logic and design, so we can guarantee the stream will be one not to miss (are they ever not, though?!) 

We'll be broadcasting on Twitch on Friday 20th, April at 5PM BST. The full video will then be available to watch immediately afterwards, and will be uploaded to YouTube the following Monday (23rd April).

If you missed Comic Sands during GDC week, you can check out the playthrough video below - and yes, it really was made in Dreams! 

Made in Dreams | Comic Sands - Train Jam 2018

If you have questions about design in Dreams, please drop them below in the comments or ask us over on our social channels.

In other news, we're launching a NEWSLETTER! Yay! It's something we've been working on in tip-top secret over the past couple of months, and we've got it to a point where we're super excited to share with you. Each month, we'll drop it in your inbox with news on what we've been working on, the previous month's activities and plenty of more fun-cool-awesome stuff!

If you want to receive Mm Monthly (catchy, right?), simply sign up here with your email address and that's it! We hope you enjoy it!

Anywho, don't forget to set up your reminders for the stream, which are available over on Facebook and Twitch. Have a wonderful weekend, and we'll see you on the stream! 

Welcome to this blogpost! Although our stream has happened, you're more than welcome to still watch everything in the video below!

Watch The Making of Comic Sands | Logic and Design in #DreamsPS4 from Media_Molecule on

Stream Time! A GDC Special!

We've got a feeling this is the news you've been waiting for ALL month - the date and details of our next Dreams stream! Or, are we mistaken? Nope? Didn't think so. 

That's right! We're super excited to be able to share with you that we'll be hosting a new stream FULL of exciting details about Dreams next Friday, 23rd March at 5PM GMT. The stream will give you a in-depth look at what our team of Molecules will have been demonstrating at GDC and Day of the Devs!

This month's stream will be slightly different to others, as we'll be recording the footage at GDC ahead of next Friday! Why not live, you ask? Well, convention Internet is not our friend and we want to guarantee we can stream the demo to you. If you've got any questions you want to ask our Molecules, pop them in the comments below and we'll try to answer as many as possible!

Lancewing with Frances + Foxy

The stream will go live on Twitch on Friday, and will go up on our YouTube channel the following Monday (26th March). And we'll be back in April with a full livestream - stay tuned for more details on that in the coming weeks!

We can't wait to show you more of Dreams! See you soon! 

Want to know all about everything mentioned up top, but missed the stream! That's not a problem, as it's ready and waiting for you below! 

Watch GDC Stream | Cutscene Creation and Puppeteering! from Media_Molecule on

The First Game Rats Event!

We love when someone from the studio does something awesome in their spare time! If you missed Alex Perry's Game Rats event last month, you can read all about it here, straight from Alex!

Game Rats' logo!

Over the past year or so, my friends and I have been meeting once a month to eat some dinner, drink some drinks and talk about games. From the start we had a vague plan to turn our meets into something bigger and more structured and eventually we hashed out what we wanted from a new games industry meet-up, what kind of format it would take, and the work it would require to achieve. We settled on a name as soon as the idea of rats were thrown into the mix (much to my pleasure as the proud mama to two ratties) and the Game Rats Rat King was born. Finally, at the start of this year we decided to get cracking towards our first ever official Game Rats event.

Game Rats

The Game Rats are: Sean Joesbury game designer at MAG Interactive, Ben Nizan game designer and writer at Good Catch Games, K Shonibare-Lewis game designer and artist currently lecturing at the University of East London, Penda Tomlinson lecturer at Middlesex University and writer for pen & paper roleplaying games, and me! 

There are lots of other amazing games related events in the UK, so we wanted to carve a space for ourselves that would be a welcome addition to the London Games Industry scene. A big thing for us was to keep our events friendly, inclusive and fun while also providing a space for serious games industry discussion and sharing of ideas. We settled on a format of three speakers giving 15 20 minute talks on topics related to our theme (our first theme was, aptly, firsts) followed by a couple of hours in which everyone could hang out, grab some food/a drink, chat with friends and hopefully meet some new people.

Game Rats audience

Its amazing what you can achieve when you have a goal to work towards! Between us we set up a website, found some amazing speakers, organised a venue, set up social media accounts and event pages, wrote a safe space agreement, commissioned a logo and got the word out to all our game dev friends in the space of a couple of months and while working full time jobs! By the time the event itself rolled around we were all nervous, but confident we had created something really cool. Oh, and we sold out the night before. 50 tickets sold...when wed been conservatively expecting around 15-20 attendees. Gulp.

As the two resident loud-mouths, me and Ben split up the compere tasks between us. Ben delivered a brilliant opening speech (that usefully reinforced the statement that we are definitely not a cult, nope not a cult at all, no cults to see here) and then I took over to introduce our speakers.

Sophie Sampson

First up was Sophie Sampson game designer and one half of Matheson Marcault speaking about what constitutes the first EVER video game. There was lots of audience participation as we all voted on whether various examples throughout the ages counted as video games. Sophie took us through incredibly early examples such as Nimrod, shown at the festival of Britain, and Tennis for Two, created by the famous William Higginbotham, both created way back in the 1950s.

Richard Hamer game designer and lecturer at University of the Arts London was up next. Richard gave a lively talk speaking about the barriers to storytelling in first person games. Despite some minor technical difficulties trying to show videos on the slightly creaky laptop we were using due to the fact it had a VGA port, Richard kept the crowd entertained with an excellent description of the opening scenes from Half Life 2. This speech asked why storytelling seemed to have a greater disconnect to the audience when in a first person format and Richard included examples from literature, and a memorable clip of Humphrey Bogart punching someone in the face in a rare early first person movie.

Robin Baumgarten rounded up the talks. An independent game designer, avid game jammer and creater of the fabulous Line Wobbler, Robin gave a fantastically informative talk about making hardware games and how he has managed to turn that into a career. We were all super excited to see that Robin had even brought Line Wobbler along and we got to experience a single dimension game first-hand. Robins talk was a great introduction to making a hardware game and the subsequent steps of getting people to play it, a harder process than for a digital game.

Robin Baumgarten

After all the talks were done we were over the moon to see attendees staying on to chat. After a much needed group hug Sean, K, Ben, Penda and I got involved with the chatting and we're already plotting ways to make our next event EVEN MORE AWESOME! We got some great feedback and were touched by how many people came to talk to us and let us know theyd enjoyed the event.

Special thanks to Haunt our wonderfully accommodating venue and purveyor of delicious vegan food, to Mark Ford for our amazing shiny new logo, and to Skins Elliott our fantastically talented and helpful photographer. Keep an eye out for future events and heres to many more!

Find us here:

And on twitter: @GameRatsLondon

Game Rats

The Game Rats!

Tom Chats with Danny from Dreambubble!

Happy Monday, all! 

I've officially been Community Manager here at Media Molecule for 2 weeks now, and it's been an insane pleasure! Of course, I couldn't officially call myself that title without chatting to Danny from Dreambubble! 

So, below you can listen to my inaugural interview with Danny on all things Media Molecule, myself and - among other things - my fear of flying.  Hopefully it'll be the perfect antidote to a chilly Monday! 

Dreambubble Podcast: Episode 14 - Meet Media Molecule's Community Manager Tom Dent!

The Molecules Are Off to Train JaMm & GDC!


Just stopping by to share some exciting news - Dreams is going to GDC 2018! 

This year, some of our Molecules, namely John B, Alex Perry, Ed and Abbie are taking the long way to the San Francisco conference on a train from Chicago where they'll be making a game in Dreams during the 52 hour trip. They'll be showcasing the results at GDC and we'll be sure to share their creation with all of you as well.

But, that's not all! Once they arrive. they'll also be participating alongside amazing indie devs at DoubleFine's Day of the Devs GDC Showcase! You can check out the list of the attending developers, and their games, below;

  • Hazelight (A Way Out)
  • Team Fanclub (Dead Static Drive)
  • Exbleative (EXO One)
  • Slow Bros. (Harold Halibut - A Handmade Adventure Game)
  • Playables (Kids)
  • FoamSword (Knights and Bikes)
  • Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio, Dominik Johann (Minit)
  • Krillbite Studios (Mosaic)
  • Nolla Games (Noita)
  • House House (Untitled Goose Game)
  • Triband (WHAT THE GOLF?)

Check out DoubleFine's lovely Day of the Devs 2018 trailer, too!

Day of the Devs: GDC Edition 2018

Our bunch of Molecules will be on-hand showing some exciting new bits of Dreams and, as the event is limited to industry and students, we'll be planning a March stream to show you the cool new stuff (did we say logic and digital puppeteering? Promises have been made).

If you're attending GDC, be sure to come by and chat/share a high five and check out Dreams!

We'll be sure to share our exciting goings-on over on our social pages and this beloved blog, so stay tuned!


We're catching the train (jam) to GDC!

Kareem's Stream of Dreams - World Building

Hey, friends!

First up, I'd like to say hello! I'm Tom, the new Community Manager here at Media Molecule! I'm incredibly proud to have joined the team here at Mm and can't wait to meet you all ASAP - but first, the reason for this blog post.

After taking the meme world by storm (as seen below), Kareem will be making his return to the always-colourful sofa at Mm HQ to give you all a look at some World Building in Dreams! For those of you who weren't able to make it to VGXFest last week, this will be the perfect opportunity to see Kareem perform live and build something brand-new and exciting in Dreams. Kareem always puts on an amazing show!

Ice Kareem

Kareem's memes while streaming Dreams, courtesy of @Sackinima

We'll be live on Twitch at 5PM GMT Friday, February 16th. We'll also have some time at the end to take your questions, so tune in and ask away!

And, for those of you who can't make it on Friday, we'll make sure to post the video at the bottom of this post early next week.

Kareem & Kareem

Kareem's stream of Dreams was full of AWESOME world building and sculpting. Missed it? It's watchable in full below! 

Watch Kareem's Dream Stream - World Building from Media_Molecule on


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