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Sculpting With Kareem Livestream

Happy Friday, CoMmunity!

Our next stream is only a week away! For those of you who missed our announcement at the end of last month's stream, our next stream will be taking place on Friday 17th August at 5PM BST on our Twitch channel!

What are we doing this time? Well, everyone's favorite Maestro of Move Controllers, Kareem, will be returning to the Mm sofa to demonstrate the sculpting tools in Dreams! It has been quite a long time since we showed off the sculpt tool and the man who brought you #treesecrets. And of course, if this is your first Kareem Dreams Stream, you are in for quite a treat. What will he make? Honestly, we don't know, we just enjoy being along for the ride. 

Kareem Sculpting

Make sure to set a reminder and if reminders aren't your thing, we've got you covered on Facebook Events, Twitch Events AND PlayStation Events! To find us on PlayStation Events, simply head to Events on your dashboard and we'll be in the 'All' section!

Before we go and get ready for Friday: we announced our attendance at PAX West 2018 this week! We'll be heading to Seattle and hosting our first ever Dreams Panel Jam live at the show. You can find more details here. Our panel will be streamed live so you'll be able to tune in and join in on the fun even if you're not attending PAX.

That's all for now, we'll see you on the stream this Friday! 

Gothic Novel Game Jam Stream!

Hey there, CoMmunity! How's your week been? It's pretty warm, isn't it?

We may have only just done our last stream (which you can watch right here) but we're ready to announce our next stream already! How are we going to follow up the making of our E3 performance? Weeeellll...

We're going to be gathering up another bunch of Molecules to take part in a live game jam! This month, our local Guildford Library is running a Gothic Novel Jam and encouraging the local community to get involved with creating whatever they want using the theme - be it a story, music or, yep, a game! And, you know us, we love ourselves a good ol' game jam from time to time.

Video Thumbnail Gothic

SO! Focused on the theme of Gothic Novel our July stream will demonstrate how fun it can be to make some dark and menacing creations together in Dreams!

We want to get you involved to! Send us your Gothic Novel ideas in to us on Twitter using the hashtag #GothNovJam and tagging us @mediamolecule! You can also submit your ideas in the comments section below. We can't guarantee we'll get round to creating everything you submit, but you'll definitely be a source of inspiration for the Molecules!

Join us on Thursday 26th July at 5PM BST to see what spooky bits and bobs we create in our Gothic Novel Game Jam stream! Make sure to register for the event on Facebook and Twitch so that you don't miss out!

Charlie's Week at Media Molecule!

Charlie and Will came by to spend a week with the team for some Work Experience! They spent time with various Molecules and of course, as well as Dreams!  Charlie wrote the below blog about his time here - enjoy! 

Somehow its Friday already and the end of an awesome week with Media Molecule! Ill be sad to say goodbye to everyone here (especially the chefs!) but having the opportunity to be a part of Dreams has been an incredible experience. Its a wonderfully unique project and quite unlike anything Ive seen before, and learning about its inner workings has been an adventure all of its own.

The whole team here feels like one big extended family, and perhaps my favourite thing about this week has been just meeting and talking to so many new and interesting people. From John -who could probably build a scale Lego model of the office for fun in an afternoon - to Dave - who works in animation but is secretly a rock star - every person Ive talked to has welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home. 

Charlie Will

Our honorary Molecules, Charlie and Will!

Ive only been here for five days, but Ive done so much in that short time that arriving on Monday feels like a lifetime ago. Ive mixed my own music tracks, designed and sculpted 3D models, and even been let in on some sneaky company secrets (shhhhh). Pretty much the only thing I havent done is broken anything, which is the biggest miracle of them all!

Anyways, its been a stellar week and a super cool inside look into the games industry. The weather has been incredible, which made lunches out on the rooftop balcony all the more enjoyable, and Ive absolutely loved being a part of the action here at Media Molecule- plus, as of right now Im probably the best in the world at Dreams outside of the development team, so thats a nice claim to fame- until the game comes out, of course. I dont expect my title to last long after that.

I wish Dreams the very best of luck when it finally releases (though I dont expect it needs it) and I would also like to extend a huge thanks to everyone at Media Molecule for making my week with you all as awesome as possible. You guys are the best!

See ya round,


The Making of the Molecules Livestream

Happy Friday, CoMmunity!

Have you heard of the UK's fastest rising band, The Molecules? No? Well, they performed their first ever LIVE gig this month, right after PlayStation's E3 press briefing. Word has started to spread about this debut performance, so we thought you might all want to see how the band came together...or what we even mean by playing a show live in Dreams!

Yep, we're here to reveal that our next Dreams stream, The Making of The Molecules, gives you a front row seat to the performance and a big peek behind the curtains! The show takes place on Friday 29th June at 5PM BST.


We'll gather together The Molecules on the Mm sofa to take you through how they put on their live show, composed the music, created some awesome puppets and more.

Make sure to not miss out on our next stream by signing up for reminders on Twitch and Facebook Events! We'll see you on stream! 

E3 2018 - What? Where? When?

Hello, CoMmunity and HAPPY E3!

While we can't go in to details of what we'll to be up to this week, we can give you the best places to stay up-to-date on all the goings on for Media Molecule and PlayStation.

First and foremost - the official PlayStation stream! The main channel will play host to not only the PlayStation showcase taking place 2AM BST on Tuesday 12th June, but lots more PlayStation demos and interviews throughout the week. Stay tuned to our social media channels and we'll let you know when to expect Molecules making a cameo.

Dreams Triptych

Speaking of which - our channels! That's where you'll be able to get behind-the-scenes on our E3 adventures. We'll keep you refreshed with pictures, stories and any friends we bump in to throughout our adventure. Make sure you're following us on Twitter, as well as dropping us a Like on Facebook and Instagram. And of course, Twitch where we'll host the various streams our Molecules do guest appearances on.

We're super excited to be attending E3 this year, giving press their first hands-on with Dreams and meeting any community who happen to be at the show! Have a lovely E3 week and stay tuned for more info

Listen Up! It's Time for a Music Stream!

Hey there, CoMmunity! Hope you're all having a lovely week!

By now, you've read that blog title and let out a little 'WAHOO!' (it's okay, I always do after writing these blog posts) at the fact that STREAM TIME IS COMING! Yep, we're almost ready to go with our Music in Dreams stream. Exciting!

We'll be gathering up our Audio Molecules (Tom Colvin, Ed Hargrave and Bogdan Vera) to take you through how music is created in Dreams on Friday, 18th May at 5PM BST. They'll be showing you how they create catchy tunes and a range of instruments in Dreams as well as how music ties into logic and timelines. And Bogdan said something about...beat-boxing? Guess you'll have to tune in to see what he means.

Music In Dreams

As always, if you have any questions, drop them in the comments below or send them over to us on Twitter or Facebook. We'll try to answer as many as possible during the stream, both on camera and in the chat.

So you don't miss out, make sure you register your interest on Twitch, Facebook and even PlayStation Events. We'll see you Friday, May 18th for our musical extravaganza! 

The Making of Comic Sands Livestream & Introducing Mm Monthly!

Happy Friday, CoMmunity!

How are we already half way through the month? It's about time we shared details on this month's stream, right?

Before we reveal all, make sure to catch up on our GDC stream from last month. You can find it over on YouTube and Twitch

We're super excited for April's Dreams livestream - If you've seen Comic Sands, the game Abbie, Ed, John and Alex created for TrainJam, you may have thought How did they do that?! In 3 days! On a train! This month's livestream will reveal the design behind the level as well give a peek at the content we created at Day of the Devs during GDC. The ever-fabulous John Beech will be your guide for logic and design, so we can guarantee the stream will be one not to miss (are they ever not, though?!) 

We'll be broadcasting on Twitch on Friday 20th, April at 5PM BST. The full video will then be available to watch immediately afterwards, and will be uploaded to YouTube the following Monday (23rd April).

If you missed Comic Sands during GDC week, you can check out the playthrough video below - and yes, it really was made in Dreams! 

Made in Dreams | Comic Sands - Train Jam 2018

If you have questions about design in Dreams, please drop them below in the comments or ask us over on our social channels.

In other news, we're launching a NEWSLETTER! Yay! It's something we've been working on in tip-top secret over the past couple of months, and we've got it to a point where we're super excited to share with you. Each month, we'll drop it in your inbox with news on what we've been working on, the previous month's activities and plenty of more fun-cool-awesome stuff!

If you want to receive Mm Monthly (catchy, right?), simply sign up here with your email address and that's it! We hope you enjoy it!

Anywho, don't forget to set up your reminders for the stream, which are available over on Facebook and Twitch. Have a wonderful weekend, and we'll see you on the stream! 

Stream Time! A GDC Special!

We've got a feeling this is the news you've been waiting for ALL month - the date and details of our next Dreams stream! Or, are we mistaken? Nope? Didn't think so. 

That's right! We're super excited to be able to share with you that we'll be hosting a new stream FULL of exciting details about Dreams next Friday, 23rd March at 5PM GMT. The stream will give you a in-depth look at what our team of Molecules will have been demonstrating at GDC and Day of the Devs!

This month's stream will be slightly different to others, as we'll be recording the footage at GDC ahead of next Friday! Why not live, you ask? Well, convention Internet is not our friend and we want to guarantee we can stream the demo to you. If you've got any questions you want to ask our Molecules, pop them in the comments below and we'll try to answer as many as possible!

Lancewing with Frances + Foxy

The stream will go live on Twitch on Friday, and will go up on our YouTube channel the following Monday (26th March). And we'll be back in April with a full livestream - stay tuned for more details on that in the coming weeks!

We can't wait to show you more of Dreams! See you soon! 

The First Game Rats Event!

We love when someone from the studio does something awesome in their spare time! If you missed Alex Perry's Game Rats event last month, you can read all about it here, straight from Alex!

Game Rats' logo!

Over the past year or so, my friends and I have been meeting once a month to eat some dinner, drink some drinks and talk about games. From the start we had a vague plan to turn our meets into something bigger and more structured and eventually we hashed out what we wanted from a new games industry meet-up, what kind of format it would take, and the work it would require to achieve. We settled on a name as soon as the idea of rats were thrown into the mix (much to my pleasure as the proud mama to two ratties) and the Game Rats Rat King was born. Finally, at the start of this year we decided to get cracking towards our first ever official Game Rats event.

Game Rats

The Game Rats are: Sean Joesbury game designer at MAG Interactive, Ben Nizan game designer and writer at Good Catch Games, K Shonibare-Lewis game designer and artist currently lecturing at the University of East London, Penda Tomlinson lecturer at Middlesex University and writer for pen & paper roleplaying games, and me! 

There are lots of other amazing games related events in the UK, so we wanted to carve a space for ourselves that would be a welcome addition to the London Games Industry scene. A big thing for us was to keep our events friendly, inclusive and fun while also providing a space for serious games industry discussion and sharing of ideas. We settled on a format of three speakers giving 15 20 minute talks on topics related to our theme (our first theme was, aptly, firsts) followed by a couple of hours in which everyone could hang out, grab some food/a drink, chat with friends and hopefully meet some new people.

Game Rats audience

Its amazing what you can achieve when you have a goal to work towards! Between us we set up a website, found some amazing speakers, organised a venue, set up social media accounts and event pages, wrote a safe space agreement, commissioned a logo and got the word out to all our game dev friends in the space of a couple of months and while working full time jobs! By the time the event itself rolled around we were all nervous, but confident we had created something really cool. Oh, and we sold out the night before. 50 tickets sold...when wed been conservatively expecting around 15-20 attendees. Gulp.

As the two resident loud-mouths, me and Ben split up the compere tasks between us. Ben delivered a brilliant opening speech (that usefully reinforced the statement that we are definitely not a cult, nope not a cult at all, no cults to see here) and then I took over to introduce our speakers.

Sophie Sampson

First up was Sophie Sampson game designer and one half of Matheson Marcault speaking about what constitutes the first EVER video game. There was lots of audience participation as we all voted on whether various examples throughout the ages counted as video games. Sophie took us through incredibly early examples such as Nimrod, shown at the festival of Britain, and Tennis for Two, created by the famous William Higginbotham, both created way back in the 1950s.

Richard Hamer game designer and lecturer at University of the Arts London was up next. Richard gave a lively talk speaking about the barriers to storytelling in first person games. Despite some minor technical difficulties trying to show videos on the slightly creaky laptop we were using due to the fact it had a VGA port, Richard kept the crowd entertained with an excellent description of the opening scenes from Half Life 2. This speech asked why storytelling seemed to have a greater disconnect to the audience when in a first person format and Richard included examples from literature, and a memorable clip of Humphrey Bogart punching someone in the face in a rare early first person movie.

Robin Baumgarten rounded up the talks. An independent game designer, avid game jammer and creater of the fabulous Line Wobbler, Robin gave a fantastically informative talk about making hardware games and how he has managed to turn that into a career. We were all super excited to see that Robin had even brought Line Wobbler along and we got to experience a single dimension game first-hand. Robins talk was a great introduction to making a hardware game and the subsequent steps of getting people to play it, a harder process than for a digital game.

Robin Baumgarten

After all the talks were done we were over the moon to see attendees staying on to chat. After a much needed group hug Sean, K, Ben, Penda and I got involved with the chatting and we're already plotting ways to make our next event EVEN MORE AWESOME! We got some great feedback and were touched by how many people came to talk to us and let us know theyd enjoyed the event.

Special thanks to Haunt our wonderfully accommodating venue and purveyor of delicious vegan food, to Mark Ford for our amazing shiny new logo, and to Skins Elliott our fantastically talented and helpful photographer. Keep an eye out for future events and heres to many more!

Find us here:

And on twitter: @GameRatsLondon

Game Rats

The Game Rats!

Tom Chats with Danny from Dreambubble!

Happy Monday, all! 

I've officially been Community Manager here at Media Molecule for 2 weeks now, and it's been an insane pleasure! Of course, I couldn't officially call myself that title without chatting to Danny from Dreambubble! 

So, below you can listen to my inaugural interview with Danny on all things Media Molecule, myself and - among other things - my fear of flying.  Hopefully it'll be the perfect antidote to a chilly Monday! 

Dreambubble Podcast: Episode 14 - Meet Media Molecule's Community Manager Tom Dent!

The Molecules Are Off to Train JaMm & GDC!


Just stopping by to share some exciting news - Dreams is going to GDC 2018! 

This year, some of our Molecules, namely John B, Alex Perry, Ed and Abbie are taking the long way to the San Francisco conference on a train from Chicago where they'll be making a game in Dreams during the 52 hour trip. They'll be showcasing the results at GDC and we'll be sure to share their creation with all of you as well.

But, that's not all! Once they arrive. they'll also be participating alongside amazing indie devs at DoubleFine's Day of the Devs GDC Showcase! You can check out the list of the attending developers, and their games, below;

  • Hazelight (A Way Out)
  • Team Fanclub (Dead Static Drive)
  • Exbleative (EXO One)
  • Slow Bros. (Harold Halibut - A Handmade Adventure Game)
  • Playables (Kids)
  • FoamSword (Knights and Bikes)
  • Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio, Dominik Johann (Minit)
  • Krillbite Studios (Mosaic)
  • Nolla Games (Noita)
  • House House (Untitled Goose Game)
  • Triband (WHAT THE GOLF?)

Check out DoubleFine's lovely Day of the Devs 2018 trailer, too!

Day of the Devs: GDC Edition 2018

Our bunch of Molecules will be on-hand showing some exciting new bits of Dreams and, as the event is limited to industry and students, we'll be planning a March stream to show you the cool new stuff (did we say logic and digital puppeteering? Promises have been made).

If you're attending GDC, be sure to come by and chat/share a high five and check out Dreams!

We'll be sure to share our exciting goings-on over on our social pages and this beloved blog, so stay tuned!


We're catching the train (jam) to GDC!

Kareem's Stream of Dreams - World Building

Hey, friends!

First up, I'd like to say hello! I'm Tom, the new Community Manager here at Media Molecule! I'm incredibly proud to have joined the team here at Mm and can't wait to meet you all ASAP - but first, the reason for this blog post.

After taking the meme world by storm (as seen below), Kareem will be making his return to the always-colourful sofa at Mm HQ to give you all a look at some World Building in Dreams! For those of you who weren't able to make it to VGXFest last week, this will be the perfect opportunity to see Kareem perform live and build something brand-new and exciting in Dreams. Kareem always puts on an amazing show!

Ice Kareem

Kareem's memes while streaming Dreams, courtesy of @Sackinima

We'll be live on Twitch at 5PM GMT Friday, February 16th. We'll also have some time at the end to take your questions, so tune in and ask away!

And, for those of you who can't make it on Friday, we'll make sure to post the video at the bottom of this post early next week.

Kareem & Kareem

Global Game JaMm 2018!

Hello, Global Game Jammers!

We're thrilled to be a sponsor for the 2018 Global Game Jam, one of our favourite events of the year which brings people together from all over the globe to JAM (and we love jamming)! At Mm, jams have been a constant source of inspiration for all the games we make and nothing makes us more excited than seeing the wild and imaginative things people can create when given the right tools.

Global Game Jam 2018

As well as sponsoring this year, Mm Towers is also an official jam site where Molecules and a few friends will be jamming and making a bunch of cool stuff together in Dreams! Weve also got a few Molecules spread around the world in Brighton (hi Tom!), Melbourne (hi Kidney!) and Guildford (hi Liam and Bogdan!) who will be using Dreams for their jams! Its super exciting as this will be the first time weve taken part in a jam using Dreams where well be livestreaming all the games we've made at the end of the weekend. But thats not all, well also be popping up on the official GGJ livestream with Kareem and John where theyll be giving all you amazing creators an in-depth preview of what can be made in Dreams, just using a PS4 so be sure to tune in for that!

Catch John and Kareem on the GGJ livestream on Friday 26th January at 6pm UK time / 10am PST and you can tune in here:

And join us on Sunday 28th January at 5pm UK time / 9am PST as we go live from Mm Towers, sharing all the cool, amazing and (no doubt) hilarious stuff that's been made!

Watch here:

Be sure to keep your eye firmly on our social pages as well because well be snapping away over the course of the weekend, sharing behind-the-scenes snippets and sneak peeks! You wont want to miss it.

Thanks everyone, and good luck if youre participating in the jam! We cant wait to see everyones creations!

Watch our brand new PSX Dreams trailer right now!

Dreams PS4 - PSX 2017 Trailer

If you missed our brand-new Dreams trailer make its debut at the Game Awards last night, you can see it right here, right now! The trailer kicks off a Dreams-stravaganza this weekend as we demo the game on the PSX show floor, catch-up with our amazing community and reveal more about Dreams during our Saturday panel with the Media Molecule Directors and a special guest! If youre in Anaheim, dont miss us at the Dreams booth on the show floor, and if youre home, well be on the PSX livestream at so you can join in the fun too.

To see more behind-the-scenes content from PSX or ask your burning questions about Dreams, you can find us on Twitter and Instagram at @mediamolecule. Did we mention Dreams is coming in 2018? Dreams is coming in 2018. See you at PSX!

Dreams at PSX - Our Booth, Panels and More!

The time has come, friends!

PlayStation Experience 2017 is just around the corner, and if youve been dreaming about seeing more Dreams, then Anaheim, California is the place to be! The Molecules are busily working away as we speak, preparing to pack up their suitcases full of Dreams (and maybe some clothes) and head on over to PSX to share it all with you.

Dreams is coming to PSX 2017!

On Saturday, December 9, PSX officially opens to the ticket-holding public and well be there hosting a community game jam at our Dreams booth! Thats right, folks: come and get a first hand look at how quick and easy it is to make games, music and more just using Dreams.

But thats not all! Then you can join our studio directors Siobhan Reddy, Mark Healey, and Alex Evans alongside a very special guest to take an in-depth look at the development of Dreams during their exclusive Saturday panel at 12:30pm PST (which is 8.30pm GMT).

And if your Dreams bucket isnt quite fit to burst yet: Saturday attendees will also get the chance to Meet the Molecules during our Community meet-up which is happening at 7:00pm PST on Saturday evening at our booth. Along with getting the chance to hug John Beech, youll also take a deeper dive into Dreams thanks to a special community-led Q&A session where well be asking the Molecules a whole bunch of community-submitted questions. And of course, no community event would be complete without some juicy swag to get your hands on, so come by and say hi!.

Phew! That certainly is a jam-packed few days! Its going to be a blast and we just cant wait to see everyone and hang out! But dont fret if you cant make it to the show, because well be tweeting and livestreaming as much as we can so be sure to follow us online as we share behind-the-scenes snaps and news from the show.

Keep on dreaming everyone, and well see you all very soon!

PGW - Gaming is for everyone!

Our Studio Director Siobhan Reddy recently joined the President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, Bungie Game Director Luke Smith, Supermassive's Simon Harris and London Studio Executive Producer Liz Wyle at Paris Games Week to discuss diversity and inclusion in gaming. Hosted by Hollie Bennett from Playstation Access, the panel covers a range of topics from accessibility to building diverse teams to WHEN IS DREAMS COMING OUT AND WILL THERE BE VR? All your burning Dreams questions may not be answered here, but you won't be worse off for hearing some fascinating gaming icons discuss their wide ranges of experience. The panel is available to view here:

Gaming is for Everyone Panel | Paris Games Week 2017

...And we can't wait to give you the scoop on Dreams at PSX in just a few short weeks.

Dreams is coming to PSX 2017!

Do not adjust your TV sets folks, this is not a drill! We are coming to PlayStation Experience next month and we're bringing Dreams (and a bunch of Molecules) with us!

More news to follow soon so stay tuned to our blog and social pages for all the latest updates as we have them. We cant wait to see you all there!

Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Dreams is coming to PSX 2017!

Yaseen's Work Experience at Mm!

Even though were up to our ears working on Dreams at the moment, weve kept our Molecule doors as open as possible for work experience opportunities, something which were very passionate about indeed. Theres nothing like meeting the next generation of games makers to leave you feeling inspired!

Recently we were visited by Yaseen, a year 10 student who currently going into his GCSEs studying German, Maths, Triple Science and Philosophy, amongst other things. Yaseen was keen to come to Mm to develop his art and character development skills which we were more than happy to help him with and thanks to Francis, one of our Lead Artists, it sounds like he had a great week here with us!

Take it away Yaseen…

"After playing Media Molecules games and loving each one, I was very eager and excited for my week at the company learning art design and struggled to wait for it!

From my first steps into the building I was greeted with a warm and friendly welcome into the studio and a tour. The office was oozing with character and playfulness, from the drawings plastered on the walls to the dcor and bright pink carpet, the studio has a light-hearted playful spirit making you enjoy your stay that much more!

The team and staff at Media Molecule is what really makes the company however, every single person at the company is extremely friendly and creates a family-like environment which makes working there very pleasant and enjoyable. The team takes great pride in everything they do; the trophies and awards are proudly showcased towards the entry of the studio and fan art and mail are displayed on the walls across the studio. Throughout my stay it was clear just how hard at work everyone was on Dreams as they were all very passionate about working on the game and seeing it progress forward which is clearly reflected in the quality of each game released by MM.

During my stay at MM I was supervised and mentored by Francis Pang who was excellent at teaching me throughout the week and helping me to achieve and create everything I had.

I began my work experience by sketching existing characters to get myself used to a Wacom Tablet and after playing around for a while we began to design our own characters."

Yaseens Characters
Yaseens Characters 2

"After we created and developed a unique set of characters that I was proud of, Francis began to teach me the basics of modelling and sculpting within Dreams so I could build my own characters within it. To do this we used the two PlayStation Move controllers and as Francis waved them around the air effortlessly making sculptures in minutes, I was blown away by just how intuitive it appeared. After he showed me the basics of using them I had my own go and I was impressed by just how 1-to-1 the movement was with the controllers. It really feels like youre reaching into the game. While it was difficult at first, it didnt take long to get used to them as by the end of the second day I didnt have to think when using the motion controllers and it had become second nature. The gestures are intuitive and theyre still stuck in my head!"

Yaseens Character Made In Dreams
Yaseens Magnethead Penguin Character Made In Dreams

"When initially drawing and designing my characters, I had no clue how the game functioned but I was still able to easily recreate and sculpt my characters in Dreams and I didnt have to make any compromises to the designs. This shows how versatile the game is and that you really can create anything you can imagine within Dreams!

By the end of the week I had recreated most of my characters and developed some even further and better than what I had originally designed. I even created an environment for my favourite character and set up lighting to take some rather impressive captures! I was amazed by everything I had done and learnt in just one week as prior to this I had no experience in modelling. By the end of it, with the help of Francis I had created something I was extremely proud of! Im so thankful to everyone at Media Molecule for giving me an experience I wont forget and for making it so special, I wish the best to everyone at MM and for the production of Dreams!"

We're looking for a Programmer (who loves tools!)

New job alert folks!

We've just posted a new vacancy on our jobs page; we're looking for a programmer (who also loves tools!)

We're on the hunt for a competent programmer to come and join our close-knit team and contribute their skills and creativity towards creating Dreams. We make all of our own technology and tools, with one single focus…… making a great game! This is a unique opportunity to be an integral member of an efficient games team; where designing cutting-edge solutions directly helps make our game fun.


If you're a programmer who's experienced in C/C++ and would love to make in-house tools then this could be the perfect opportunity for you. Take a look at the full job spec below, and if this sounds up your street then get in touch! We'd love to hear from you :)

National Coding Week with Liam and Amy

Although it hasnt officially started yet, National Coding Week is right around the corner and were very excited to be taking part in the coding celebrations this year with a couple of special blogs written by our very own Liam De Valmency and Amy Phillips both excellent programmers here at Media Molecule.

National Coding Week

National Coding Week is a global initiative aimed at inspiring and guiding people from all walks of life to learn how to code. There's a whole host of events going on throughout September so be sure to head on over to the official NCW website to learn more! It's a fantastic program and one we're very proud to support.

Up first we have Liam's blog, which is now live on the NCW website if you fancy taking a look (and we think you should because it's jolly good). In it, Liam shares his journey into the world of programming, from small beginnings making simple flash games all the way through to how he got a job here with us at Media Molecule! It's a really interesting read and Liam even offers his own advice for any aspiring coders at the end so be sure to check it out!

Here's a little snippet to get you going, and you can read the full blog here:


I dont think it hit me until university just how broad the applications of programming are. The same set of skills enable you to tackle thousands of problems. Games, websites, and mobile apps are obvious candidates of course, but less obvious are things like medical software — writing programs that help cure and care for people. Or scientific research; how about writing code that monitor marine life in the unseen depths of the ocean? Or putting things in space; rockets dont get up there without some very good programmers telling them how to go about it. Augmented reality, automated cars, drone-based package delivery services — you name it. Every futuristic technology requires, at its core, some clever software and the people to write it, and you could be one of those people.


Amy's blog for National Coding Week has been released today and it's a great read. Find out how Amy accidentally fell into coding at University, where her journey began in the industry and what advice she has for aspiring programmers. Here's a quick taster below, head on over to the National Coding Week Blog to read it in full!

Amy Small

I kind of accidentally fell into coding whilst trying to find an easier subject at University!  I did a bit of maths, some physics, and then discovered that computer science was both fascinating and a lot easier (bonus!).  After graduating I spent a year in the Computer Lab at Cambridge Uni, hacking on the linux kernel and as a side project improving my productivity massively by writing code to monitor the Coffee Pot and email me when it was full.


* info (et)
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