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Judge sets $1 million bail for singer R. Kelly on sexual assault charges

Grammy-winning R&B singer R. Kelly, who for years has faced allegations that he abused women and underage girls, appeared in court in Chicago on Saturday to face charges that he sexually assaulted four people, including three teenagers.

Venezuela humanitarian aid met with teargas and gunfire on borders

Venezuelan troops loyal to President Nicolas Maduro fired tear gas and rubber pellets at opposition supporters seeking to bring foreign aid over the Colombian border on Saturday, as the country's socialist government defied international pressure to step down.

Buffett appears to fault Trump, laments deals dearth in Berkshire letter

Warren Buffett on Saturday appeared to fault U.S. President Donald Trump for taking too much credit for the nation's economic growth, while acknowledging that market conditions are making it tough for his Berkshire Hathaway Inc to find more big companies to buy.

Democrats pursue subpoenas on Trump separations of immigrant families

In what is likely to be their first public use of subpoena power since taking over the U.S. House of Representatives in January, Democrats were set to vote on Tuesday on subpoenaing documents on the Trump administration's migrant family separation policy.

Venezuela military uses tear gas as aid trucks unloaded at Colombian border

The Venezuelan military used tear gas against volunteers unloading aid on the Francisco de Paula bridge along the Colombia-Venezuela border, a security video sent by a Colombian government source showed on Saturday.

Southwest CEO says mechanics deserve new contract, but company wants 'flexibility'

Southwest Airlines Co's mechanics, who have been in labor contract talks for more than six years, deserve a new deal that makes them among the best paid in the airline industry, but the low-cost U.S. carrier needs "more supplier flexibility" in return, the company's chief executive said.

Nigeria counting votes in presidential election dogged by delays

Nigeria began counting votes in Saturday's closely-fought presidential election although the electoral commission extended voting hours in some places where polling stations opened late or ballot machines malfunctioned.

Islamic State claims election day attack on northeast Nigerian city

Islamic State on Saturday said it carried out a morning attack on the northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri as the country holds elections, although the army has denied an attack took place and says sounds of fighting were drills.

In a shift, Buffett says focus on Berkshire's stock price

Warren Buffett has long told investors in his Berkshire Hathaway Inc they should not pay so much attention to what its stock price is doing.

Women vent their anger at Vatican child abuse conference

A nun and a woman journalist delivered the toughest criticism of Church leaders heard so far at Pope Francis' sexual abuse conference on Saturday, accusing them of hypocrisy and covering up horrendous crimes against children.

Aid for Venezuela to be passed by human chain from Colombia: government

A convoy of trucks carrying humanitarian assistance for Venezuela will be unloaded at the Simon Bolivar bridge on Colombia's side of the border and the aid will be transported by a human chain across the frontier, Colombia's migration agency said on Saturday.

As trade deadline looms, U.S. and China sprint to seal a deal

U.S. and Chinese negotiators met for a fifth straight day on Saturday as the two sides race against a March 1 deadline to reach agreement and prevent a further escalation in their trade war.

No regrets for woman who stuck by Islamic State through defeats

Heading to a camp for displaced people as Islamic State's territorial "caliphate" in Iraq and Syria faces final defeat, Ghalia Ali shows no regret about abandoning her life as a student in Tunisia to join the militants in 2014.

North Korea's Kim begins long train trip to Vietnam for summit with Trump: report

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un set off by train for Vietnam on Saturday, for his second summit with U.S. President Donald Trump next week, media reported, and hours later, two witnesses saw a train crossing into China from North Korea.

Aid convoy leaves Colombian warehouses for Venezuela border: opposition leader

A convoy of trucks carrying humanitarian aid for Venezuela left warehouses in Colombia headed for the nearby border crossing on Saturday, despite Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's insistence they would not be allowed to cross.

Truck carrying aid crosses Brazil border into Venezuela -opposition lawmaker

A truck carrying humanitarian aid crossed into Venezuela from Brazil at midday on Saturday, opposition lawmaker Miguel Pizarro told reporters in Caracas.

Venezuelan troops fire tear gas to repel activists on Colombia border: Reuters witness

Venezuelan troops blocking a border bridge with Colombia fired tear gas on Saturday to repel dozens of opposition lawmakers and activists walking toward the frontier to receive humanitarian aid from the Colombian side, a Reuters witness said.

Falling stocks, Kraft Heinz trigger huge Berkshire loss

Sinking stocks and deteriorating prospects from an investment in Kraft Heinz Co pummeled the bottom line of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc, which on Saturday reported a huge quarterly net loss even as operating profit soared.

Warren Buffett says prospects poor for 'elephant-sized acquisition'

Warren Buffett is hunting for "an elephant-sized acquisition," but he is not optimistic about getting it done.

R. Kelly indictment is latest case fueled by TV documentaries

For years, singer R. Kelly has denied sexual abuse allegations against him and Friday's felony indictment of the performer was delivered weeks after first-person accounts of several accusers aired on television, leading prosecutors to urge potential witnesses to come forward.


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