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Reboot of The Real World in the works for Facebook Watch

Facebook and MTV are working on a reboot of The Real World for Facebook Watch.

Best premium WordPress themes of 2018

These are our top picks for the best premium WordPress themes.

Top tools for improving your website at little or no cost

Google has developed a wide range of (mostly) free tools to help web developers and potentially provide some additional funding.

Google releases Chrome 70, with fixes for controversial new login and sync system

Google is rolling out a new version of its Chrome browser that fixes its predecessor's controversial sign-in system changes.

What you need to get a career in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a fast-growing industry with lucrative salaries on offer.

Best shows on Netflix (October 2018): The 50 best Netflix TV series

Stop scrolling through shows. Here's the definitive guide to the best shows on Netflix.

The best website hosting service 2018

Our experts handpicked the hosts with the most pizzazz so that you don't have to.

Best WordPress themes for portfolios in 2018

These are our top picks for the best WordPress themes to make your portfolio shine online.

72% of FTSE 100 companies are at risk of being taken off the Internet – is your company too?

ThousandEyes' Angelique Medina explains why businesses should serve their DNS records from diverse networks to prevent being taken offline.

The 'Do Not Track' privacy tool in your browser actually does nothing

It's supposed to protect you from third-party data collection and unwanted ad targeting - but DNT just doesn't work.

Best free web hosting of 2018

Web hosting doesn't have to cost you money. Here are some of the best free hosting providers around.

The importance of branding for your website

Here are some tips to deliver a branded website that enhances business opportunities, and doesn’t distract from them.

What comes next after VPNs?

Futuriom's Principal Analyst R. Scott Raynovich explains how AppWANs could provide the protection needed to secure cloud applications.

Best e-commerce WordPress themes of 2018

Want an easy way to design a smart looking online store? Look no further than these themes.

The cybersecurity measures needed to protect flexible workers

PowWowNow's CTO Chris Martin explains the measures businesses need to take to ensure their employees can work remotely in this most secure way possible.

What is blockchain? Everything you need to know

All the latest news, updates and analysis on everything blockchain.

What does Google know about you?

How much data has Google collected on you? The answer may surprise you…

4K movie upgrades could be heading to Google Play Movies

Code inside the latest Play Movies app suggests existing HD and SD content might get upgraded to 4K soon.

Facebook is testing a feature to let you unsend your messages

Reports suggest Facebook is working on a way to bring your sent messages back, something it promised back in April.

Best WordPress themes for blogs in 2018

High quality WordPress themes to make your blog look its best.


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