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After Immigrant Families Are Reunited, Scars of Separation Remain

Migrant families’ joy at reunification has in some cases come with the realization that the psychological trauma of separation will take time to repair.

Rollback of Affirmative Action Could Reshape School Districts

Districts have wrestled with how to desegregate public schools in ways supported by the law, which forbids districts from using race to determine placement. Now, President Trump’s decision to roll back affirmative action guidelines will likely have a far-reaching impact on K-12 schools.

New EPA Head Vows to Be 'Stabilizing Force' After Pruitt Turmoil

Energy companies and trade groups harbor one big hope for the new leader of the Environmental Protection Agency: a steady hand.

To Recruit Students, Colleges Turn to Corporate-Marketing Playbook

Colleges are turning to the corporate-marketing playbook to better identify and appeal to prospective adult students, crunching consumer databases to tailor their pitches.

Charlotte's Hosting of 2020 GOP Convention Isn't a Sure Thing

The scheduled vote Monday by the Charlotte, N.C., city council on final approval for its bid to host the 2020 GOP convention is turning into an unexpected cliffhanger, with liberal council members facing pressure not to host President Trump’s expected nomination for a second term.

U.S. Tries to Rein In High-Speed Trading in Farm Patch

The U.S. government is taking steps to protect agricultural markets from high-frequency traders--a move some say will make little difference down on the farm.

Slate of U.S. Attorneys Aids Sessions' Law-and-Order Push

President Donald Trump’s drive to install federal judges has drawn attention, especially with the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Less noticed but also critical is the administration’s push to fill the ranks of U.S. attorney offices.

Seafood Restaurants' Leftover Shells to Become 'Living Barrier Reef'

A Long Island town has devised the latest defense against tropical storms: seafood scraps.

Trump Looks to Temper Expectations Ahead of Putin Summit

President Donald Trump enters his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin with a determined effort to lower expectations, as his top aides say the goal is to open a conversation rather than accomplish a reset of U.S.-Russian relations.

Theresa May Says Trump Advised Her to Sue the EU

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May revealed the secret advice she received from President Donald Trump on how to handle Brexit talks: He suggested the U.K. sue the European Union.

Mueller Indictments Add Urgency to Securing 2018 Midterm Elections

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of Russian intelligence officers came as state election officials gathered for the final time with the task of protecting the nation’s election machinery in November.

California Democratic Officials Reject Feinstein, Reflecting Party's Shift

California Democratic officials rejected Sen. Dianne Feinstein with an overwhelming endorsement of her party challenger, state senator Kevin de León, a rebuke that came just six weeks after she handily beat him in a primary.

Kavanaugh's Collegial Nature Could Change Supreme Court's Tenor

The Supreme Court is likely to extend its turn to the right if Judge Brett Kavanaugh joins the bench this fall. But his reputation as a straight-shooter even among those who disagree with him suggests he would make the ride as smooth as possible.

U.S., North Korea Meet Again to Discuss War Remains

Senior U.S. and North Korean officials met on Sunday to discuss steps to repatriate the remains of American soldiers that died in the Korean War, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.

Rift Emerges Among Democrats Over Leftward Shift

Since Hillary Clinton lost to President Trump, the loudest voices in the Democratic Party have been jockeying to see who can tout the most liberal policies. Sen. Chris Coons is over it.

Four Convicted in 'Buffalo Billion' Corruption Trial

A former New York state university president and three upstate executives were convicted after a trial in which federal prosecutors alleged the men rigged bids for state contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


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