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Democrats Regain Double-Digit Lead Over GOP in Voter Sentiment Poll

Democrats have regained a double-digit advantage over Republicans as the 2018 midterm congressional campaign intensifies and the GOP works to persuade voters of the benefits of the tax overhaul, a new WSJ/NBC News poll has found.

Trump Challenges McCabe Over Memos

On Twitter, the president sought to discredit reports that fired former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe has provided memos on his talks with the president to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

U.S. Tariffs to Be in Spotlight at G-20 Summit

Global finance ministers meeting this week in Buenos Aires were planning to focus on topics like the workforce in an age of automation and how to boost infrastructure investment. Instead, their attention has turned to U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Oil Hedge Fund BBL Looks to Launch $1 Billion Macro Fund

BBL Commodities is looking to raise $1 billion for a new fund that will wager on macroeconomic trends via bonds, stocks, currencies and commodities.

Fed's Thinking on Rate Increases May Come Into Focus

The Federal Reserve in December expected a gradual path of rate rises would allow the economy to keep expanding without overheating; since then, the burst of fiscal stimulus, together with steady growth and very low unemployment could lead the central bank to be more aggressive.

Largest Public-Housing System in the U.S. Is Crumbling

New York City’s sprawling public housing needs an estimated $25 billion of repairs, up from $6 billion in 2005. Yet federal funding hasn’t kept pace.

The Battery Boost We've Been Waiting for Is Only a Few Years Out

Lithium-ion batteries get a little bit better every year, but capacity is about to get a much-needed major lift, thanks to nanotechnology and a shift in materials.

Why Suburban New Yorkers Are Likely to Face More Power Outages

As yet another nor’easter takes aim at the region, residents of New York City’s wealthy northern suburbs once again are worried about losing power. Communities weigh the costs of burying power lines and cutting trees.

McCabe Kept Notes About Trump, Passed Them to Mueller

The former FBI deputy director wrote memos about his dealings with the White House and what former FBI Director James Comey told Andrew McCabe about his interactions.

Mueller's Tax Case Against Manafort Rests on Hard-to-Get Evidence

Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, faces an uphill battle in fighting the tax charges levied against him, former tax prosecutors say, given the extent of the evidence prosecutors have detailed against him and other recent developments in the case.

North Korea to Meet for Talks With U.S., South Korean Delegations in Helsinki

North Korea will hold talks in Finland with a U.S. delegation and former South Korean government officials, Seoul’s foreign ministry said, ahead of denuclearization discussions between Seoul and Pyongyang next month and the first U.S.-North Korea summit expected by May.

U.S. Outlines Rules for Metal Users Seeking Tariff Exclusions

U.S. companies looking to bypass President Trump’s import tariffs on steel and aluminum will have a limited chance to win exclusions for their products under a newly released set of guidelines.

Donald Trump and John Kelly Reach Truce

President Donald Trump and John Kelly have settled on a truce, at least temporarily, to keep the chief of staff in place as the White House grapples with the turbulence of several senior departures and the prospect of further changes to come.

Trump's Lawyer Says Stormy Daniels Could Be Liable for $20 Million

In a filing in federal court, Michael Cohen accused the former adult-film actress of breaching a nondisclosure agreement that barred her from discussing an alleged extramarital affair with Mr. Trump.

Navarro's Nucor Ties Highlight Trump Advisers' Steel-Industry Connections

The White House economic adviser’s connection to the company highlights the Trump administration’s close ties to the steel industry that tariffs now stand to benefit.

In Illinois, Democrats Take Aim at One of Their Own

Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski is facing a primary challenge from the left in next week’s Illinois primaries, while party leaders are banking on more centrist candidates to challenge incumbent Republicans elsewhere in the state.

New York State's Budget Talks: What to Expect

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers will convene in Albany Monday for two weeks of budget negotiations to meet an April 1 deadline. Congestion pricing and a tax overhaul are some of the key issues on the agenda.


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