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More than 100 missing -- most of them senior citizens -- in California's Camp Fire

More than 100 people are missing -- most of them senior citizens -- in Northern California's Butte County as firefighters battle the Camp Fire, the most deadly and destructive wildfire in state history, the sheriff's office says.

PG&E could be in big financial trouble if it's found liable for fire

If California electric utility PG&E is responsible for California's wildfires, it may not be able to afford the payouts it would owe.

A couple 'adopted' a 93-year-old veteran after his town burned

Tracy Grant was in a parking lot handing out hamburgers to evacuees from the devastating Camp Fire in Northern California when she encountered Lee Brundige.

Paradise resident used hose to help save home

Brad Weldon grabbed a garden hose as the Camp Fire approached his house, spraying water to keep the flames at bay and protect his disabled, elderly mother inside.

This mailbox is all a wildfire left of their childhood home

The Bartek family lost more than 30 years of memories as a quickly spreading wildfire burned down their childhood home.

Dave Grohl, Guy Fieri and other celebs feed wildfire first responders

Some famous chefs and rockers-turned-chefs are showing their gratitude to the California first responders by feeding them.

How you can help

Three massive wildfires are burning across the state of California.

Experts warn US at risk of losing war with Russia or China

The Trump administration's new National Defense Strategy is insufficiently resourced and the US runs the risk of a military defeat by China or Russia, according to a report by a congressionally mandated panel of bipartisan experts that was released Wednesday.

Donald Trump is losing Cabinet officials at a record rate

The word out of the White House is that anyone not directly related to Donald Trump could be on the chopping block as this most mercurial of presidents seethes and stews over the midterm setback for his party last week and his broader grievances that he is not being well-served by his staff.

Here's a rundown of the court cases at play in Florida's recount

The lawsuits are flying in Florida, as Democrats and Republicans fight over which votes should be counted in the state's hotly contested statewide recount and how long counties should be allowed to count those votes.

US lawmakers aim to hold China accountable for Uyghur abuses

A bipartisan group of lawmakers are pushing legislation aimed at holding China accountable for reported human rights abuses against its Uyghur population.

Key legal battles to unfold as Florida races toward recount deadline

Democrats and Republicans have fought for days in the court of public opinion over the hotly contested recounts in Florida's Senate and gubernatorial contests.

A tired dad and his hungry infant led to a radical new baby bottle

It was the middle of the night and Ayal Lanternari was rushing to warm up refrigerated breast milk for his three-month-old baby.

WeWork's first school teaches yoga, farming

Inside WeWork's New York City headquarters on a Thursday morning, a handful of kids are selling radishes, kale and peppers.

Review: Facebook's video chat gadget is a hard sell

Facebook is taking its new Portal+ video chatting gadget extremely seriously. But it might be difficult for customers to do the same.

A revolution in lung cancer treatment

Frankie's story: From Down syndrome diagnosis to college star

More than 20K DWI convictions may be thrown out

Video: Hit-and-run crash 'sounds like explosion'

Teacher sees the full rainbow thanks to students

73-yo woman uses meth, wants doctor to test it

Worker killed when saw kicks back, hits him in chest

10-yo Muslim girl called terrorist, threatened

Women camp out on bridge to curb suicide

State lost thousands of taxpayers money

Coast guard rescues 3 people from disabled ship

Company gives all employees handguns for Christmas

Cemetery cleanup helps man find parents graves

Chiefs fans paid thousands in travel, game relocated


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